BodyTea TeaTox


Although The Reasons Are Different We Often End Up At The Same Place And We Have Put On Those

Extra Pounds And We Are Not Happy With The Way We Look Or The Way We Feel.

The Bad News is We All Hate Carrying That Extra Weight And It Does Get Us Down And We Want a Way Around This?

The Good News is…There is a Perfect Way! This Is Your Answer, a Premium High Quality All Natural And Healthy Herbal Weight Loss Green Tea.

The Tea That Curbs Your Appetite And Helps You Shed Those Pounds and More…

Eat The Same Foods And Exercise Less And Lose The Weight You Need to, Great If You Are Lacking Those Extra Hours And Need That Time Back.

You Can Trust Your New Specially Formulated Weight Loss Green Tea To:


  • Give You A Pick Up During The Day

  • Suppress Your Appetite

  • Help You Burn And Break Down That Extra Fat

  • Improve Your General Mood And Wellbeing

  • Improve Your General Health And Protect You From Illnesses

  • Feel Great and Be happier With The Way You Look

  • Wear Your Favourite Clothes Again



You Can Rely On the Formulation and The Premium Quality

  • Superior packaging and individually packed tea bags

  • Large Pyramid Style For Maximum Benefit And Adsorption