Detox herbal  tea is able to get you up and going increasing your vitality without the coming down effect of coffee. We all know this feeling of crashing as we look forward to the next cup of coffee. Imagine if you replaced this with a natural tea that was missing this undesired effect.

1. Removal of Body Toxins & Boosts Your Immune System

Woman measuring perfect shape of beautiful hipsAnything that is not natural in your body needs to be broken down or eliminated or both. Such things as caffeine, alcohol, preservatives are a concern. The organ that is responsible for detox is the liver and it has a very important task to look after the health of your body. As we are not necessarily designed for these toxins detox tea can assist in their removal, the tea actually assists the liver in this process.

Our immune system operates to keep us healthy and guard us form foreign matter such as viruses and bacteria. Detox tea is naturally high in antioxidants which rid you of free radicals that can decrease the effectiveness of your immune system. Detox herbal tea maximizes your body’s defense. .




2. Suppresses Your Appetite & Increases Your Metabolism


Have you realized some have a bigger appetite than others? And sometimes your appetite changes also for low to high or the other way round? What does this mean? It is important these days to eat more protein and fibre as these are beginning to drop in many diets. In place we are eating a lot more carbohydrates and this is becoming increasingly more and more popular. Often these are also simple sugars which are even more of an issue.

The right types of foods give you vitality throughout the day and you are better able to maintain your energy rather than short bursts which often lead you to be eating even more of the wrong foods. Natural detox tea suppresses the appetite in various ways this way you have less and less cravings. If you also increase protein, fiber and low carb vegetables you are definitely on track.

The tea also increases your metabolism so that you are better able to burn calories and your metabolism is not going through sleepy periods. The perfect blend also decreases fat storage in the body.


3. Improves Your Digestion


We all know that digestion is essential and important for our wellbeing. Detox herbal tea assists in digestion and improves our bodies ability to effectively digest and break down our food and eventually lead to keeping what we need and eliminating all the waste form the body. Sometimes we feel bloated and uncomfortable and an improved digestion can be a welcome relief, which can also sometimes lead to constipation.

As we want to maximise the digestion efficiency we need to take herbal tea in the morning and in the evening, about half an hour before breakfast and dinner. As well as improving digestion it is the right time to suppress your appetite also, we all know how we can go overboard so easily, way past the moment we are no longer hungry, even past full.

So if you have been wondering how to lose weight fast or the best way to lose weight and slim fast, then buy a packet of our amazing liquid diet, a true detox drink and begin to lose weight in a week. Detox tea really does work and benefits you in many great ways, including losing weight as well as leaving you feel great and energized.

The most common reason people choose to try detox tea is the decision to start a new and healthy routine – and an organic tea detox or ‘Teatox’ is a smart place to begin. Drinking an organic detox tea has a number of beneficial effects that will help you to instantly feel more energized vibrant and less bloated.