What Our Customers are Saying


Loved This Stylish Tea and I Received an Unexpected Free Bonus

I really loved receiving this tea and as soon as it arrived I was so impressed by the packaging. The packaging looked great on the inside but continued once I opened up the pack. All tea bags were individually packaged and each contained an individual label. I thought, If it tastes as good as it looks and works then I knew I would be buying this again.

One week later I know this tea works as I have already lost weight and my cravings are gone. I know I will be ordering more of the BodyTea USA as soon as I am done with this packet. To my surprise I even received a great eBook which I was not expecting at all. Here I found a great amount of useful information I have never heard before, on how to eat healthy and continue to support my weight loss. The information I gained here with this free eBook, Weight Lost By Eating was truly worth the money I paid alone.

Elizabeth Balzan


Great Product, Great Value

After some significant personal issues I struggled to get control of my weight and have either been stable or putting on weight. It seemed whatever I did I could not change the fact that I had hug cravings and most of these were for sweet foods or snacks.

While I had tried a few things before like Garcinia Cambogia supplements, I found this worked better for me as it was something I could enjoy and it also helped me relax. I had never ever heard of a tea with Garcinia Cambogia before. I also put in practice all the tips I picked up in the free eBook I received and together with the tea this is my answer to getting back my old figure. I don’t have those sugar cravings and my eating has totally changed.

After visiting the website I learnt so much more about the benefits of green tea and it does not stop with weight loss. This tea is also really good for my overall health.

Marcia Anderson


Helped Me Lose 3lbs So Far

I really am not a big fan of tea mostly because I can’t do tea with water. I always make my tea with milk because it’s the only way I can stomach the taste. So basically what this tea consists of is PuEr tea, Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Jasmine Flower, Flower of Hyacinth, Dolichos and Lemongrass.

I already have a ton of experience with taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements. The way they work is they suppress the appetite which really works. I would say it’s good for losing that first 10 lbs and helping you along the way with proper diet and exercise.

Pyramid tea bags allow the tea to expand and breath much better than traditional tea bags. The tea has a nice clean taste to it. I enjoyed it with my milk. It’s a little early to tell but I probably did lose like 2-3 lbs of water weight alone after trying it for a week straight. It keeps me feeling full so I don’t have to snack on all the bad things in between proper meals. I think this product is great to take if you enjoy tea plus it’s convenient to carry around with its little packets.

Vanessa Crespo


Excellent Tea

I am so glad I got to try this BodyTea. At first I was not sure if it would work, but actually am surprised that it did! The first day I got the tea, I made myself a cup. Infused with ingredients like Green tea, Jasmine Flower, Flower of Hyacinth and Lemongrass, it has a very pleasant flavor. No strange aftertaste or aroma. Just a very nice tasting tea.

I had a cup after breakfast and a cup after lunch. It really does curb your appetite between meals. I did not have any desire to snack, nor did I feel hungry between meals. I actually really enjoyed drinking the tea, also. It made me feel relaxed, and gave me a little “me” time. I also feel like I am doing something good for my body because of the natural ingredients.

I will continue to use this tea, as I really do feel it helps control my appetite and urges to snack. I really love this product, and I recommend it for anyone who is trying to control eating between meals. It works for me!



Wonderful tasting Tea to Help Achieve Weight Loss Goals

This is a lovely tasting tea – it helps curb your appetite between meals and can be a great weight loss tool when used appropriately. This package contains a 14-day supply to allow 2 cups of tea per day. The bags are very handmade looking in appearance, and it is nice to see exactly what you’re putting in your cup. The flavor is mild and very nice – mildly tasting of jasmine. No sweetener was needed for me to enjoy this tea. Use this tea to help achieve your weight loss goals, and enjoy the taste of each cup while you do!

Rebekah Hills


Tastes Good, Helps Me Feel Full Before Dinner

I’m not a huge fan of tea because most taste bitter but I’ve learned to appreciate some tea which doesn’t have that bitter taste. I’m glad to have tasted the BodyTea USA because it tasted clean, fresh and a bit lemon-y. It doesn’t have that bitter taste most tea has and I like how refreshing this is. The tea bags are in a nice, sophisticated, triangle tea bag and each bag is sealed in an individual packaging.

This is a nice alternative to coffee in the afternoon as a pick-me-up drink because I can’t drink my coffee without creamer and syrup/sugar. I only add a bit of honey and the taste levels up to the next level. I prefer this tea hot and I like how it curbs my appetite.

With proper diet and exercise, I do think my diet is much more effective because this helps me feel full before dinner so I don’t eat as much as before. It didn’t cause me any upset stomach so I like that as well too.

This is much better and delicious than other bagged tea I’ve tried before and I like it.



It tastes Good

I like the taste. It’s hard to know if it’s helping me loose weight, or not. I do like how this tea is supposed to assist that though. I’m eating healthier to. I love the ingredients in it though.

Alissa A Apel