In our complex world these days, we are so busy and things have changed so much over the years. With this we have often not
been able to maintain a balanced lifestyle. As a result our health can be compromised. We all need some tips to help us increase our health, our energy and our vitality.


1. Consume Adequate Water

Our bodies are actually made up of 70% water which is required for normal function and health. Make up of our cells and organs relies on this water in order for our bodies to work efficiently. If we drop these levels we become dehydrated or lack adequate water levels in ur bodies. In order to avoid this we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. A natural tea can be hydrating however coffee and soda do not count.

2. Maintain Your Exercise
For many years we have heard from so many the benefits of regular exercise. In fact it is in recent decades when exercise has decreased in our daily lives that this is more obvious. At least 30 minutes of daily exercise is required with at least some regular aerobic activity. Without exercise our bodies change and become less health leading to disease and lack of wellbeing. Exercise also aids detox and is part of our nature.

3. Go Back In Time and Eat More Raw and Unprocessed Foods
Eating the right foods also aids removal of toxins and if we are not doing this we build toxin levels without realising. Maintaining a natural healthy diet is the best way to detox because if you don’t put toxins in, that is a great beginning. All food is best in its natural state and the least cooked the better, avoid quick meals and processed meals which can lack much of the value in vitamins and minerals. It is also best to avoid deep frying in polysaturated fats and if you need to cook steam if possible.

4. Add Lemon Juice To Your Day
This is so popular in Mediterranean diets and so many homes have a lemon tree in the yard. Drinking the juice of half a lemon each morning does wonders which aids in your bodies digestion. Lemon Juice also contains Vitamin C which has numerous health benefits also. Using lemon on salads and fish can be another way to aid your digestion and detox.

5. Drink Herbal Tea Daily
Herbal tea is natural and is blended with natural herbal ingredients to assist your detox and weight loss.